Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I apply?

Applying couldn’t be easier with Second Chance Car Finance. We have worked hard to produce the quickest and simplest application form we can. Simply visit the Apply Now page, fill in your details, click submit and wait for one of our team to get back to you with a quick response

2. Can I get finance if I have bad credit or have been refused finance before?

You can with Second Chance! Here at Second Chance Car Finance, we understand that sometimes life puts difficulties in your path and you may suffer financially through no fault of your own. It can be unavoidable despite your best intentions and you may unfortunately find yourself with an unattractive credit rating as a result of your misfortunes. But, do not despair: Here at Second Chance Car Finance, we have an extremely high application success rate and pride ourselves on being able to find the correct finance for any of our customers.

3. Is there a limit to the amount I can borrow and what is the typical APR?

Utilising our panel of lenders, it is possible that you could be eligible for up to £20,000, depending on your circumstances and financial history.

4. Can Second Chance Car Finance loans be used to purchase vehicles privately?

Sadly, this is not a service we are currently offering. In the interest of maintaining our rigorous standards, we have only partnered with very select dealerships which we feel will represent our high standards. Our partnered dealerships offer a rigorous 90 point inspection as standard on all cars on their forecourts and 7 day drive away insurance to give you the time you need to find your perfect insurance deal.

5. Can Second Chance Car Finance guarantee a customer car finance?

When arranging a loan on your behalf, we work closely with a carefully selected panel of lenders representing some of the most prolific and trusted names in the financial world. By utilising a range of lenders when securing your loan, we are given the best chance of securing a finance deal that works for you, whatever your financial situation. While we cannot guarantee that 100% of applicants will be eligible for finance, we work hard to arrange finance for every applicant.

6. Are there any fees involved when arranging finance?

None at all. We do not charge you any fees for arranging car finance. The process involved with securing you car finance will not cost you a penny.

7. Do I need a deposit?

We do not require a deposit to arrange car finance. We can accept a deposit as part of a finance agreement, but it is not necessary.

8. Are my details secure on your website?

We take great care in ensuring your details are handled and stored securely during the application process. Our website is handled using a secure connection to our server, ensuring that your confidential details aren’t seen by anyone but us. Here at Second Chance Car Finance, we work hard to protect your security.

9. I am unemployed / in education / retired. Can I still apply for car finance?

You certainly can! We offer our financial services to everyone aged 18 and over, be they unemployed, retired or still in education. We utilise a broad range of lenders when exploring your financial options to ensure that we can cater for every single application we receive.

10. I am interested in a vehicle for commercial purposes (i.e. taxis, vans). Can I still get finance with you?

Unfortunately, our dealerships do not cater for the commercial market and can only supply vehicles for social, domestic and pleasure usage. However, we do offer some practical vehicles that may be suited for what you require, such as a range of People Carriers and 4×4’s.

11. How do you help me improve my credit rating?

By securing finance on a motor vehicle and maintaining a regular monthly payment, this has a positive effect upon your credit scores held by the credit rating agencies.

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